Peru trip

We went to Peru earlier this year and enjoyed visiting a different culture and landscape. Except for Lima, which is one huge city, we enjoyed everything. Highlights included a Lake Titicaca home stay with a farmer, Cuzco, the Amazon jungle, and of course one of the great sites on the planet, Machu Picchu. While I anticipated a fly over the Nazca Lines, it was too fast and I got air sick. Not much commentary this time, but a lot of photos.

Yummy drinks
Nazca Lines

 Ancient burial site, pre Inca
 Waitin for the overnight bus
Vicuna on the high plains 14K

Chivay in the upper Colco Canyon

 Incan amphitheater - Chivay

 Condors at Colco Canyon

 Incan terracing

 local limo service in Puna
 Floating Islands of L Titicaca

 Our tour group
 Homestay on L Titicaca
 Stopped four tries
 Mountain village craft people

 Inca ruin in the Sacred Valley

 On the Lares Trek
 The pass at 15,400 ft.
 Lares trek camp
 a farmers house
 Our gear
 Machu Picchu

 In Cusco

An Amazon  cayman on the Tampobara River
 Capybarra - world largest rodent
 poison dart frog

 lodge in the Amazon
 leaving the lodge

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